Our Story

Apoth & Stitch came into reality while I was sitting at my desk during my at-then day job in 2016. I've always been a crafty gal and dabbled in DIY gifts for friends and family for every occasion throughout the year. My most loved and known present would be my Christmas Gift Baskets filled with handmade goodies of all sorts.

I had just become a new mom and a single one at that. I was working 2 1/2 jobs just to keep up with bills, but I was also missing every day of my son's new life. I had enough. I slowly began to travel the bumpy road of creating my own brand and products. I quit those tiresome jobs to pursue Alkaia's Boutique full-time, all while enjoying being able to see my son grow into the crazy rambunctious child that he is today. Later renamed to Apoth & Stitch.

I opened the shop with just a few soy candles and dreamcatchers, of course with having such a large desire to create I never intended to stop there. Now you can find a wide variety of unique treasures that are all handmade by myself. I just can't seem to stop, so look forward to new items added monthly!

As of today, you can find us at local markets and craft fairs on the weekends, Etsy, Instagram, Facebook and of course here on our website.

Thank you for your interest and learning more about us, I hope you like what you see.